New Gift Selection: Spring 2015 by Janice Christensen-Heller

A little look into our amazing assortment of gifts! 

Carrianne Hendrickson by Janice Christensen-Heller

We're thrilled to be showing some new artwork from Carianne Hendrickson in the gallery. Pictured above are some of her small sculptural pieces that we currently have in-store. Come check out our entire selection of Carrianne's sculptures and greeting cards! 

Alexis' Ring by Janice Christensen-Heller

Alexis came into the shop looking to replace her simple wedding band with something a little more unique. With her vision and her mother's diamonds we came up with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring (and a little something for mom too). You wear it beautifully Alexis :)

February SALE by Janice Christensen-Heller

It's that time again!! For those of you who don't know, every year the gallery holds a huge sale for the entire month of February. Just in time for all of you V-day shoppers. Don't miss out on these amazing us a visit! 

New: Winter 2014 by Janice Christensen-Heller

Mia's Ring by Janice Christensen-Heller

Mia's beautiful vintage agate was out of place in the original bulky ring she'd purchased. The delicate setting we've created compliments her beloved stone and doesn't take away from all of its finely carved detail. And the the contrasting 18k rose/green gold adds a nice pop of color. Enjoy, Mia!

New: Summer 2014 by Janice Christensen-Heller

All new, in-store now. Will be kept updated as pieces come and go..

Non-Traditional Diamonds by Janice Christensen-Heller

(left to right) A platinum ring featuring a large black diamond and a gold ring with green diamond melee surrounding an opaque green diamond.

Most people have a very specific idea of what a diamond looks like..white, flawless, round. The truth is, diamonds come in almost every color and shape imaginable. More recently, diamond crystals and "rustic" diamonds have come into fashion. Here at Christensen Heller Gallery, we love them all!